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Pilates Wonderland 

Pilates Wonderland

This class runs two times a week!
Every TUESDAY morning 9:30-10:30 with Nat and the Magic Circle
Every THURSDAY evening 5:30-6:30 with Tess and the Royal Resistance Bands

Join Nat and/or Tess for a visit to the land of Pilates and discover all of its wonderful benefits. The perfect place for beginner or advanced, offering both gentle options & power-filled challenges! Here, you'll unlock the secrets to living in your body "Happily Ever After..."

Who and what is this class suitable for?

*All levels, for everyone!
*Build deep core strenght from the inside out
*Set healthy movement patterns
*Find and correct muslce imbalances in the body
*Increase strength, flexibility and range of motion
*Provides great conditioning for any other movement activity


Do I need to book ahead of time?

No booking is required for individual classes at the studio. Drop in anytime or buy a casual class or a block card below.

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What can you tell me about the instructor?

NATALIE is the owner and inspiration behind MIND BODY HEART STUDIO. She is just the sea sprite you want to inspire you to new levels of wellness, strength, and capability. Her centred, driven, and fun filled nature will drive you to see results and smash personal challenges with a smile on your face and a laugh in your heart. She is trained in Pilates, Personal Training, Myofascial release and other wellness techniques. she loves teaching, sharing ideas, and seeing others change and grow in to the people they long to be.

TESS is trained in Pilates and is simply one of the best natural teachers around. Her gentle receiving nature welcomes you in and her knowledge, precise attention to technique, and belief in the process will drive you to see fantastic results. Wether you are looking for powerful challenges or need a more gently evolving practice Tess is capable of meeting you where you are at and taking you where you want to go!


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