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Our Vision 

At Mind Body Heart (MBH) we believe that when your mental, physical and emotional states are in harmony, amazing things will happen to your health and in your life.

The MBH Network is a world of wellness attracting likeminded individuals, business owners, instructors and professionals from Perth and beyond who seek a more holistic approach to good health and fitness.  

As we grow the MBH Network our studio becomes a wonderland of Wellness Events hosting a series of superfood cooking classes, movie screenings, urban retreats and conscious business workshops.

From our antique studio in Wembley to sandy feet on the beach, our passionate instructors offer a range of Wellness Classes and courses designed to help you relax, unwind and discover your superhero within.

In order to nourish your inner superhero our Wellness Store provides access to all things delicious and nutritious, available for purchase online or inshore at the MBH Studio. 

By inspiring simple, practical and holistic steps into your world of wellness we will help you achieve better movement, super nutrition and a healthier mindset.  

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