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Join Nat and/or Tess for a visit to the land of Pilates and discover all of its wonderful benefits. The perfect place for beginner or advanced, offering both gentle options & power-filled challenges! Here, you'll unlock the secrets to living in your body "Happily Ever After..."

This class is suitable for:
*All levels, for everyone!
*Build deep core strenght from the inside out
*Set healthy movement patterns
*Find and correct muslce imbalances in the body
*Increase strength, flexibility and range of motion
*Provides great conditioning for any other movement activity


The humble power of subtlety can achieve the most profound change. Roll down the rabit hole and meet the fascinating foam roller. Immerse yourself in a world where you can seek your true balance, develop core stability, and release tension through out the body with self myofascial massage. All with fun challenges!

This class is suitable for:
*Beginner friendly, Intermediate level
*Development of core strength & stability
*Highlighting & correcting imbalances in the body
*Promoting, maintaining, and building balance skills
*Anyone looking for a mindful flowing bodywork class
*Anyone interested in incorporating Myofacial release and self massage
*Those looking for optional challenges
*Great restorative practice for running


Have an absolute ball at this Pilates Fit-ball class! Enjoy fun challenges, find unexpected balance and discover a new sense of self-confidence. Are you ready to take your core strength to new dimensions?!

This class is suitable for:
* All levels, everyone - Challenges for all!
* improving balance
* improving core strength
* highlighting and correcting muscle imbalances in body
* increase strength, flexibility and range of motion
* conditioning for every other movement activity


Believe in your own magic! Magic is a life where anything is possible! We believe this class generates the little bit of pixie dust you need to unleash your full potential! Fascia or connective tissue is where we hold tension and limitation inside. It runs through the whole body over muscles and around organs with shared attachment points throughout. When we use myofascial focused techniques to release one area we release others.

In this class you can expect movement art inspired by Pilates, Yoga & myofascial massage. It will bring back the spring in your step, the beat to your bounce & the beauty to your body's balance. Let your body shine


Feel invigorated with a free-flowing Vinyasa class that will bring peace to your life and kindness to your heart.

Vinyasa Flow is a dynamic practice that synchronises movement and breath in a continuous flow of poses. It is a unique style that can cater for students of all levels due to the ability to vary and modify poses. Yoga XO is a truly unique, soulful and creative yoga experience that will leave you glowing inside and out! Just the right amount of guidance provided to you along your own yoga path. 

This class is suitable for:
*All levels, for everyone
*those looking for a conditioning yoga flow
*detoxin yoga practice
*stress reduction and management
*increasing strength
*increasing flexibility 
*building a mindful life


One of our core values is FLOW. Being in a natural state of flow allows our bodies to move effortlessly, our minds to think clearly, and our heart to express purely. Join us to realign your vital enegies and unique sense of purpose with this heartfelt medium intensity Vinyasa flow. Focusing on dynamic alignment & integrity this class provides a grounding workout that will strengthen your mind, body & heart!

This class is suitable for:
*Beginners with foundational knowledge
*Intermediate and up
*those looking to flow from one posture to the next
*Strength building
*Increased flexibility
*heart opening and mindfulness


Surrender to the guidance of ancient Yoga asanas (postures) and pranayama (breathwork) as you journey with Marni through this low intensity yoga and meditation class. Accessible to any student, beginner to advanced who is seeking release, serenity & quiet. Expect a combination of restorative postures, 20 to 30 minutes of Yoga Nidra (deep yogic relaxation) and hands on assists (optional). We think this class is just what the world needs!

This class is suitable for:
*Beginner to advanced
*seeking relaxation
*seeking mindfulness & meditation
*seeking pain management
*working through difficult transitions
*seeking stress reduction


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