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MBH offers a host of products and services to help you get your mind into shape.

Guided Meditations, Awareness programs, Retreats & all things that can help you develop a healthy mind.

The Mind ~ “A self creating illusion, yet the instrument to see beyond the illusion you have created” ~ Natalie Amar (MBH)

Although many mysteries regarding brain function remain, many ‘mind’ matters are explained by Conscious and Sub-Conscious minds.
MBH recognises that both these minds are miracles to behold and has created numerous subtle ways for you to experience the magic of your own mind.

With the principle of Truth as fuel for every product and service, a-nrg is committed to providing you with the most updated information that is always experienced first hand.

Passionate about revealing to you possibilities, that lie literally the click of a button away, A-NRG believes; in a world of perceived separation, NOW is the time to unite with the power of our minds.

Considering cells rely on energy for life and thinking utilises your life energy, how much ‘life’ is your mind consuming?



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