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MBH offers a variety of services & products to improve your Physical Wellbeing.

Specialising in Personal Training, Pilates, Retreats and all things that can keep your body happy.

The Body ~ “A Vehicle of Innate Ancient Wisdom Steered by Modern Day Ignorance.” ~ Natalie Amar (MBH)

At one point, we have each marvelled over the complex human body. The explainable, yet more so – the unexplainable.

From ancient cultures to modern day science, we have turned to the body to seek answers to life’s mysteries. Despite evidence available to us, we seem to be turning away in modern day living, increasingly disconnecting from our bodies and seeking answers outside of ourselves.

Let MBH lead you on an inward journey to reunite, so that you can again be guided by the wisdom of your body. Learning to listen. To watch. To feel. To ask. To remember.

MBH's services offer to help you develop a Caring Awareness for your body from moment to moment.

Your body is the only thing you can carry with you from the moment you are born until your very last breath.


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