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MBH offers a variety of services & products to improve your Emotional Wellbeing.

Specialising in Emotional Awareness Techniques, Guided Meditations, Retreats and all things that can make our hearts more conscious.

The Heart ~  ”Our inner language that changes our outer world.” ~ Natalie Amar MBH

There is an ‘unsaidness’ in our hearts that words alone cannot describe.
A feeling worth more than a thousand words. Therefore, it’s less about actual words we speak and more about the feelings words create within us.

We believe that HEART is the missing element to complete wellbeing.
The ability to find emotional balance, as well as mental & physical, provides the key to access the field of your life in a meaningful way.

Feeling is a language to direct and focus our consciousness. A state of being that we are in rather than something that we do.

The quality of your emotion however, is what make can your heart the onlyconstant place in a changing world


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